Keep Me Mandala Stone #1
Drop Site –
Location: 34˚6’4″ N x 117˚42’44″W
Time: 7:45am PDT – Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Elevation: 1230 ft

I’m running late today, a cooper’s hawk nearly took out one of our chickens and it threw the schedule off a bit this morning. As I stand on the bricks in our garden staring at his beautiful hawk eyes, I wonder at the courage of him – considering our hens are twice his size and could probably easily body check him if compelled. He certainly would have tremendous difficulty trying to lift them off the ground.  It feels like an appropriate metaphor for the day – acting despite all odds.

On the walk to work I find a good moment to leave the first mandala stone out for someone.  It’s trickier than I had thought considering there are conferences on many of the college campuses and it’s busy in the mornings these days. I notice a quiet spot that looks almost like an altar beautifully framed, and leave the mandala stone for another to find. Fare well, my friend… 😉

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