On a quiet Sunday, I sit on the threshold of earth and sea. The fresh breeze blows against my face smelling wonderfully of tangy salt water. My legs rest gratefully on the sand and slowly the warmth seeps into me.  My gaze is on the horizon, daydreaming of ancestors who wondered at what was out at the edge of the world and then set their sails to find out.

I wonder what is there too, on that far horizon that lives in the future. Like many others, I am bone weary, the Wasteland has taken it out of me these last few years. Counteracting the aggression and disconnection that grows ever deeper in our communities is exhausting and discouraging work. So here I am, at the threshold of the wild, asking what’s next? I know I am part of the weft and warp of our world, I am both weaver and woven thread. I feel the need to create something tangible to be given, but it needs to be something beautiful and full of love – not another polarizing shouting match, not another debate over alternative facts.

The tide rolls in and I watch as stones given by the earth are taken by the sea and tossed around. Their edges are softened in the jumble of water, salt, and sand. When the alchemy is over and the stone is shaped anew, what is left is so beautiful.  I hold one and wonder, suddenly seeing myself as transformed stone. Ideas flow, it could be a gift from the sea and from the earth for those who will listen.  I watch with wonder, openness, a moment of surprise, recognizing the magic that lives around us at all times. All I need to do is listen. Listen. Listen. And the vision of that future far horizon will come slowly into view.

So I bring my discovery home to share. On one side, I paint signs of our inter-connectivity and wholeness onto the stones, mandalas signifying our connection with each other and our natural world. On the other, the words “keep me,” meant to inspire someone to keep the stone as a gift and as a reminder that we co-create the world we live in. Even when jumbled and tumbled like weathered sea stones, we can choose to care and be the tenders and keepers of our world.

This is my wish – may this small stone bring a smile to your face, a lightness to your heart and remind you of the beauty that surrounds you and cares for you every day… and may it inspire you to care too.